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Vessel Report Tracker from FMDBSolutions


The client is a leading towing and shipping company in the USA


FMDBSolutions developed this project for a leading towing and shipping company in the USA to manage their Near Miss Reports.

Project Description

We created a custom web publishing (CWP) website to submit a Near Miss Report. Wherever the Towing company employees find an issue in their environment, they can log in to our CWP website, create a new Near Miss Report, and submit it with a captured photo of that issue. Those Near Miss Reports are stored in the FileMaker database with the captured photo and its GPS location.

In the FileMaker application, the admin level users can view all the reports generated from the CWP website and assign each report to their Engineers.

If Engineers login to the application, they can view the issues that are assigned to them. After the Engineers fix these issues, the Engineers enter the corrective actions that they have taken to fix the issues, including the completed time stamp.

Therefore, Admin can view all the Near Miss reports received, WIP, and completed status.

In addition, admin level user can manage the Category of issues, Group of departments, Vessels and their contacts, and the Users for the application.

When a Near miss report is created for a Vessel, an alert email is sent to admin level user and the Vessel’s contact person(s) with the Near Miss report as an attached PDF.

Technical Highlights

Integration with other systems: NIL
Team Size: 3
Environment: Desktop
Development Platform: FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.

Deployment Platform: FileMaker Server 16.

# Of Users: 20

Skills Used: