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FileMaker Support & Maintenance

Why FileMaker Support and Maintenance?

The importance of taking care of your FileMaker system cannot be understated. Just like a vehicle, FileMaker needs to be examined and tweaked when necessary to function as a well-oiled machine. Installing and transitioning to FileMaker is a great decision. Now, you need to perform FileMaker support and maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

FileMaker is a powerful tool that can boost your business. However, a tool is only as useful as those handling it. Regular FileMaker support and maintenance through updates, upgrades, and fixing of errors will help your FileMaker perform at the optimal capacity.

Not having a team to manage your FileMaker is a crucial blunder that could prove to be costly. A malfunction will hamper business processes and operations, which will cause our company to lose time and money. The quicker you resolve these issues, the better. This is why you need a top team of people knowledgeable in FileMaker support and maintenance to help your company grow.

Our FileMaker Support and Maintenance Services

FMDBSolutions performs FileMaker support and maintenance, offering critical services which include:

Data Recovery– Any required technical assistance with the renovation of lost or negligently deleted data from backup files if necessary

ModificationMinor modifications in your database and changes to database fields, screens, scripts, and reports or creation of any new functions which are directly derived from existing reports with time effectively

Database Application Updates – Providing updates and support with updates to installed platform applications (for example — updates and downloads for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server software).

Software Updates – Administering customer with software maintenance updates and bug fixes

filemaker support and maintenance

Other services we offer in relation to FileMaker support and maintenance include:

  • Custom or scheduled data backups
  • Higher performance through database automation
  • Building teamwork with information sharing
  • Log file interpretation and management
  • Deleting duplicate records and repair abnormalities
  • Improving workflow
  • Adding or updating features and functionalities
  • Complete needs analysis and project management
  • Adding or updating reports
  • Installation, basic usability, and functionality
  • Routine maintenance
  • Networking and file-sharing
  • Migrating or converting to FileMaker from another software like Excel or Access
  • Cross-platform support; sharing files and network between Macintosh OS and Microsoft Windows
  • Setting up internet connections and Ethernet networks.
  • Securely share your data via iPad or iPhone (with FileMaker Go)
  • Securely share your data via Mac or Windows
  • Move and view your information on the web through FileMaker WebDirect
  • Move and view your information on the cloud through FileMaker Cloud
  • Enable you to easily share your data regarding your internal organization, customers, business partners, or the public
  • Working with your IT organization to smoothly integrate FileMaker into your environment
  • Packaging your data with a rich and user-friendly interface

FileMaker Support and Maintenance from Our Certified Developers

Using a certified developer gives your organization a competitive advantage; increased customer satisfaction, and reduced product development time. We have a top-notch team of experts in FileMaker support and maintenance. Our team is certified in the latest editions of FileMaker.

We are an official FileMaker Partner and member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. You can find us under India in the Find a Partner section of the official website under ‘India’ as Naethra Technologies Private Limited (our parent company).

For your existing FileMaker solution, you can commit to a regular schedule of work that our team works on a priority basis under a fixed block of hours per month arrangement. We can either work with your in-house team or you can outsource your FileMaker support and maintenance to us if you haven’t allocated separate people for it.

Why FMDBSolutions?

Through rational communication and attention to every detail of development, our team of technical architects, software developers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists deliver solutions that transcend expectations and inspire long-term support partnerships.

Our challenge is to provide an encyclopedic solution for every problem. The endeavor is to satisfy each client’s unique needs in an expedient manner. We take seriously the need to acknowledge quickly and effectively to our customers’ requests for support. This ensures that your investment in software will bring you the results you desire.

FMDBSolutions sells neither software nor hardware. Therefore, we feel we are the most qualified in dealing with FileMaker. As a full-fledged services company, we can give you the best advice and training for your needs. FMDBSolutions will work closely with your team, as we have many times before,  to understand your needs. We stand and deliver the best solution to your dilemma, despite the constraints and challenges faced, all within your budget.  

Avail Our FileMaker Support and Maintenance

A selection of top FileMaker certified developers at FMDBSolutions are on standby to clarify your queries and ready to solve all issues in a timely manner. They are available to lend a helping hand with questions and doubts regarding scripting, error messages, or  FileMaker Integration.

At FMDBSolutions, we take time to know and understand your system and make evolutionary changes as your organization requires. Our team is fully aware of the various development techniques and can leverage the platform’s inherent flexibility. Contact us for fantastic FileMaker support and maintenance. Click on the below box right now for a free FileMaker consulting session.

filemaker support and maintenanceHead Office #: 044-45548592 / 43550926
Mobile: +91-9677031188
Email: info(at)fmdbsolutions.com

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“It was a pleasure to work with them on my FileMaker project. I would recommend this firm to others seeking help with website or database work!”
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Jimmy Midyette - Florida, United States
It was a pleasure working with FMDBSolutions and their work exceeded my expectations. They went beyond my specifications to produce an even better product. Their communication skills are good and they managed the project well. Their style is to provide quick updates on work in progress, which means you need to be flexible in terms of evaluating partially completed work. But I like this style. It's far better than having someone go down the road in the wrong direction for too long.
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Phil - United States