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FileMaker Pro Custom Development

FileMaker Pro Custom Development Expertise from FMDBSolutions

FMDBSolutions are custom FileMaker app experts. We can take care of your FileMaker assignments and problems, be it FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server, or FileMaker Go.

Note that as of May 15th, 2018, FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced have been merged, according to this official announcement from FileMaker.

FMDBSolutions has a FileMaker practice that is both broad and mature. As a best-service development firm, we have expertise in all areas of the platform. Our team is refined with both individual accomplishments and tested database development best practices. 

Our FileMaker developer environment is one of the best in the country. We have well experienced FileMaker team who have intensive experience in building 100+ applications for the world over. Our team has worked with FileMaker Pro and other versions of FileMaker such as FileMaker Server

Our team of custom app experts can create a precisely tailored custom system that matches your business requirements, with the flexibility to change. We have a deep understanding and comprehension of FileMaker. This enables us to build rich interfaces, reporting modules, and robust data analytics. These are all off-the-shelf FileMaker solutions that you can deploy immediately into your environment.

Our group performs FileMaker Pro custom development and we develop every database solution based on years of business operations experience and with a complete end to end workflow user guides, and hours of training to bring you and your staff up to speed quickly and cost-effectively.

You can use these complete packages as they are or customize them to fit unique business needs, all regardless of industry or trade. We believe in an open and transparent approach because in our view this is what guarantees the best results and satisfied users.

We are FileMaker partners and proud members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, so you know you can trust us. As we have several certified FileMaker developers, we can quickly capture your business needs and enable your business staff to be more efficient and more mobile using the custom solution.

You can view our FileMaker WebDirect as well as our FileMaker Cloud pages for more about FileMaker on the web.

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Avail FileMaker Pro Custom Development Services

As a full-time FileMaker servicing firm, we offer the following database design and/or development services:

  1. Custom Database Design & Development.
  2. Desktop Client/Server (LAN/WAN), Web & Mobile deployment using FileMaker ProÆ, FileMaker Go, MySQLÆ, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL.

Database Support Services

Our team of FileMaker Support and Maintenance experts will check and fix your problems whether they involve rebuilding indexes, removing of duplicate records, or repairing abnormalities. We provide solutions for database backups, data recovery, solution clean up, and database optimization. FMDBSolutions is great at performing fixes, tweaks, repairs, and enhancements to your current database.

Database Conversion & Database Migration

Our expert database migration and conversion experts provide guidance and complete the upgrade in the most efficient and effective manner so that it meets your growing needs now and in the future. We assist in the migration to FileMaker Pro from Access, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and Excel. Take a look at our FileMaker Migration and Conversion services for extra details.

Are you currently running your business with Excel spreadsheets?

If so, we can easily import your Excel data and convert it into FileMaker. This will make your business far more effectively and efficiently by leveraging the power and flexibility of a true relational database.

Do you need to merge and recompile data in different formats (.csv,.tab, Excel)?

We have the capacity to build an automated custom solution which will merge the data from different formats. 

Need help with FileMaker Pro custom development? Get the job done with the custom app experts at FMDBSolutions.

Why Outsource to Us?

The same question was asked in our FileMaker FAQ. You should know that FMDBSolutions has performed a multitude of projects related to FileMaker and FileMaker Pro. We know all about FileMaker Pro custom development. We have done a lot of work for companies in the USA and elsewhere. Check out our FileMaker portfolio and see for yourself.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the FileMaker field, and we want to utilize it to the best of our ability to assist you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to switch to FileMaker from another database system, upgrading, or have problems in your current version, we are the place to go. FileMaker custom development is our specialty.

Our team can assist you, whether you’re a manufacturer in Chicago, a retailer in Boston, or a digital artist in New York. FMDBSolutions has the capacity to understand and customize your FileMaker the way you want it. Our office for Sales, Project Management, and Marketing is located in Texas, USA.

It’s time to stop using pen and paper or Excel sheets to manage your business processes. Outsource your next FileMaker project to FMDBSolutions right away. 

Contact us now for FileMaker Pro custom development and related FileMaker services. Alternatively, click the box below to receive a free FileMaker consultation. 

Lets start a project together FileMaker pro

Head Office #: 044-45548592 / 43550926
Mobile: +91-9677031188
Email: info(at)fmdbsolutions.com

Incredible Support


“Murali and his team did an excellent job in creating a FileMaker DB for my business. They were able to take my handwritten ideas and not only create a DB that is easy to use but also create usable iPhone layout which my service techs will use in the field. They are a very professional group and were right on time with the milestones set forth. if anything, I was behind in reviewing the progress. They even were able to make design changes which made sense that I didn't even think of while not really understanding my business. I didn't know how this would work however, I thought I would give it a try and I'm very impressed. Although from my background in managing IT projects for HP, I have had a lot of experience in working with IT professionals in India. I didn't know Murali and his team prior to me hiring them to develop this for me. I'm going to be sending them the next phase with is going to be customer access via the web to the DB next. I would strongly recommend them if you are looking for a group to complete a project like mine. ”
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Mike Marchione, Sparkle and Splash Pool Care - Arizona, United States.
“Continues to do great work for us. Look forward to additional development of our custom app.”
Steve Chun - Miller/Howard Investments Inc., New York, United States.