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FileMaker Migration & Conversion
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What is FileMaker Migration and Conversion?

Business has always been tasked with building the platforms to support the applications and data that drive the entire process. Migration from older database technology or converting an Excel spreadsheet to an RDBMS solution like FileMaker Pro or MySQL is the key thing to keep in line with the new technology. This is where FileMaker migration and conversion comes into play.

Why FileMaker Migration and Conversion?

On conversion to a new technology, the system can be automated or complete the missing workflow. In that case, FileMaker experts can help to come out with a solution. Here are the top five reasons why you should migrate and convert to FileMaker:

  • User-friendly and cost-effective
  • Wonderful cross-platform performance
  • Share and connect with clients
  • More functionalities than Excel or Google Sheets
  • Great for rapid app development

You need people to give the proper guidelines and complete the conversion. This upgraded database will be the most efficient and effective database which you can use to perform many functions. Go beyond database management with FileMaker. Unlock this powerful, robust, and versatile tool through FileMaker migration and conversion from FMDBSolutions.

Importance of Data in FileMaker Migration and Conversion

If data is the most commonly migrated asset, business rules and logic are the most often missed. Whether it is a macro to age an invoice properly from an outgoing Excel spreadsheet or a stored procedure in an Oracle system, there are years of stored workflows and business rules in any system.

These rules need to be discovered, documented, and mirrored in a way that preserves the workflow that has helped your business succeed and flourish. Businesses look for a new solution because they’ve run into the limits of an old system. That doesn’t mean there isn’t wisdom in it, and we need to capture that wisdom.

A system is only as useful as the information it gives you. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it certainly reflects a kernel of truth. Management needs to be updated, customers need to be informed, staff needs information to do their work and it all has to be communicated to the teams doing each part of the work. All this happens because the data going into the system comes out again somewhere else.

The FMDBSolutions team understands this, and while going paperless is a great goal, it isn’t the same as not having any output at all. Emailed updates, screen reports, text alerts and even printed reports all speak to the end goal of every system. While reports often get built last, they need to be discovered first. The old rule of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ is meant as a warning. Well, the inverse is a better guide for system design. If you want elegant insight out, you’ll only get it by planning for a mirrored elegant plan for the data to match.

End-User Role in FileMaker Migration and Conversion

The end user plays a very important role. However, they are often neglected in the pursuit of moving to FileMaker. This is an image we strive every day to turn around. We consider the input of users from day one as we want to work with you to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible. We listen to the user and desire to know more about what the end user needs and wants to accomplish.

Our team asks about the flaws in the old system and why it didn’t work, and even more importantly, the positives and merits. This lets us fix the bad and improve the good. Our company can build tools that users find intuitive because of years of working not only with IT and management but end users.

FileMaker Migration and Conversion at FMDBSolutions

Here are some of the types of FileMaker migration and conversion that we have done for various clients:

1. Upgrading an old version of FileMaker to the current version

2. Converting a Microsoft Access database (DB) to FileMaker 

3. Integrating FileMaker with MySQL/ MSSQL DB

4. Converting Excel spreadsheet into FileMaker

FMDBSolutions has worked with wide range of companies and individuals around the world for developing and delivering FileMaker migration and conversion projects. There are people and companies from the United States, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and more who have greatly benefited from our assistance in carrying out their FileMaker projects. Those projects are delivered on time and met their expectations. Our FileMaker Portfolio says it all. Our Sales, Marketing, and Project Management Office is located in Texas, USA.

Upon completion of the FileMaker transformation, our experts will provide you with an easy way of transition and their free experience with a more streamlined and efficient system to your unique needs. If you want FileMaker migration and conversion done easy, choose FMDBSolutions. We also perform FileMaker custom development as well.

If you have a system and require an upgrade or conversion we are here to help. Our solution architects will give you the best methodologies and process for your FileMaker migration and conversion. Let FMDBSolutions help. Please contact us when you plan a FileMaker migration and conversion or to receive our related FileMaker services. Click the box below to receive a free FileMaker consultation.

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Email: info(at)fmdbsolutions.com

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"They are masters at FileMaker Pro and helped our business considerably by adding multiple reports and enhancing many others over several months. They know how to make FileMaker Pro do things that many large companies spend a lot of money programming Oracle for similar reports. They have a very high-level understanding of FileMaker, especially how databases work in businesses. They are very reliable, responsive and understood our wishes very well. Their quality of programming was very good and when we did find faults he fixed them immediately. They definitely exceeded our expectations with every enhancement. We will be engaging them in Phase 2 of our project."
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Mark Miller - Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
"They know FMP like no-one I have ever seen. They are patient, do their research before answering and follow up with clear and easy to understand reports. I highly recommend them. They are great and easy to work with. Five Stars!"
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John - Phuket, Thailand