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FileMaker Integration

What is FileMaker Integration?

The FileMaker platform is incredibly flexible. It can push data from your solution into your enterprise, accounting or payroll system, or bring data from those same systems into your application. Now you have the true power of FileMaker at your fingertips. 

FileMaker integration plays a critical role in leveraging the combined power of two or more software services. You get more accurate reporting, up-to-the-minute metrics, and reduction or elimination of manual entry of data in multiple places. Using FileMaker integration to connect your software will save you time and money while bolstering your business. 

Why is FileMaker Integration Required?

Organizations use many different applications and store data in a variety of formats. Getting the most from this diversity requires connecting things in unique ways. In other words, it requires integration. The FileMaker platform is incredibly flexible. It can move data from your solution into your enterprise, accounting or payroll system, or bring data from those same systems into your application.

FileMaker integration allows your organization to both efficiently manage data and make it accessible to those who need it. Bringing together multiple web applications and database systems will integrate operations and business functions, thereby creating significant value for your company.

Categories of FileMaker Integration

FileMaker integration is classified into two broad categories.

  • Application integration
  • Data integration

FileMaker Integration for Applications

Application integration involves connecting applications to automate your business process. It is the process of bringing data or a function from one application program together with that of another application program. One fundamental benefit of the web these days is that your website and/or web application can connect directly with other websites, web apps, web services, and internal database applications. Just getting FileMaker on the web via FileMaker WebDirect will help your business. Integrations and connections can take your static site to the next level and provide a dynamic experience for your customers.

For FileMaker integration, connecting FileMaker Pro and QuickBooks is a request that provides significant data management benefits. However, this type of communication requires a deep understanding of both your database solution and QuickBooks. It is extremely useful but needs a team of experts to properly carry it out. You have to streamline the workflow process, make the two types of software share information seamlessly, and avoid the anxiety that people usually feel when trying to integrate these two technologies. FMDBSolutions can do this for you.

We can also help you increase revenue and reduce breakage by providing a comprehensive customer experience instead of sending visitors to other online resources for payment processing or additional information.

FileMaker Integration for Data

Data integration is the process of combining information from two different sources into a unified view of the data. In many cases, the data and applications that most organizations use are not intended to be connected. This makes FileMaker integration challenging both technically and from a broader business perspective.

Data integration will keep data synchronized across systems. Our experts can help develop an integration strategy to meet both your technical needs and business goals and Increase your business value through full integration. Integrating with FileMaker will save you time and money.

FileMaker integration with data helps the user achieve the following objectives:

  • Standardizes data
  • Provides portability in data
  • Eliminates redundancy
  • Assures data quality

FileMaker database data can be integrated and synchronized code-less with various other data sources via the ODBC Data Provider. We can also perform a complete migration and conversion to FileMaker from another database and have done so for other companies in the past.

Why Perform FileMaker Integration and Site Integration? 

The vast resources of the internet can save you time and money by connecting to the services you need instead of reinventing the wheel. For example, building your own payment processing system can be quite costly, but connecting to an existing service can save you thousands of dollars. If you carry out FileMaker integration, you get access to both of the processes at the same time. It’s a two-for-one deal that lets you leverage the combined powers of both apps, with the merits of one working to negate the demerits of the other.  

Searchable content on websites is often integrated using MySQL, an open source, industry-standard database. Its power and versatility have made it the obvious choice for companies such as Facebook, Google, and Adobe, while its ease-of-use and affordability make it equally suitable for even the smallest of websites.

What Can You Integrate?

Our talented team of web developers can integrate dynamic content into your site with MySQL in ways that will make you wonder how you ever got by without it. Below is a list of our possible services that can be integrated into your site. 

Just check out all the software and plugins made for FileMaker on the FileMaker site for more.

FileMaker Integration With FMDBSolutions

FMDBSolutions is a team of experts in linking FileMaker data to the web and enabling integration with technology such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, SQL, HTML5, data visualization, and web services API. We will help you extend and control public access to your data, while it remains connected to your secure internal databases.

We also link disparate data systems in a variety of ways, ranging from manual exports and imports in standard file formats to fully-automated processes integrating FileMaker Pro with Oracle, MS SQL, or any ODBC data source. The extent of the automation can vary by the systems involved and the net value the process brings to your organization.

We know about FileMaker integration and have successfully completed integration work to our client’s satisfaction. You can check out this integration project we performed for a company based in New York, or our entire FileMaker Portfolio for more. Be sure to connect with us so we can connect FileMaker to your other crucial systems. Contact us to begin, or click the box below for a free FileMaker consultation!

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