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Filemaker on web
FileMaker on the Web

All About FileMaker WebDirect and FileMaker on the Web

FileMaker is a powerful software that is able to perform a numerous amount of functions. You can combine this raw power with the simplicity and ease of a web browser through FileMaker WebDirect and get FileMaker on the web. This lets you move your applications online so you can see how they look on the net as well as make adjustments and fixes to them.

FileMaker on the web allows you to push data and images from your FM files to the world wide web. It has many benefits such as being able to manage and share information in an improved manner. Moving FileMaker to the web can be done using your desktop with FileMaker Pro or through a tablet or mobile using FileMaker Go.

How Do I Publish FileMaker on the Web?

Since you have heard the pros, this will naturally be the next question you have. You can publish FileMaker on the web using a couple of options.

  1. FileMaker WebDirect
  2. FileMaker Custom Web Publishing

Another option is to move FileMaker to the cloud with FileMaker Cloud services.

Anyway, here are some advantages of running FileMaker on the web:

FileMaker Online

What is FileMaker WebDirect?

FileMaker WebDirect is available on the FileMaker Server. It is a form of web technology that instantly runs your FileMaker apps directly in a web browser, and there is absolutely no web programming required. 

There is no need for any additional software to access the FileMaker WebDirect, and anyone with the compatible web browser and access to the internet or an intranet can connect to your app.

FileMaker WebDirect uses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and HTTP/HTTPS standard web technologies so that you don’t need to use coding tools such as PHP, HMTL5, CSS, or JavaScript to create robust solutions for the web.

FileMaker WebDirect acts like a desktop application gives you desktop-style interaction such as themes, styles, charts, menus, and more.

FileMaker WebDirect instantly updates your changes in your data or app – no need to refresh your browser. It’s great for working with teams located in remote offices to easily share information. This makes a great option for gaining access to FileMaker on the web. 

What is Custom Web Publishing?

FileMaker Custom Web Publishing (CWP) technology is used to integrate your FileMaker database with a custom website connected to the FileMaker DB. FileMaker has an Application Programming Interface (API) to access systems with PHP. It is a standard tool for web development and the other option for viewing FileMaker on the web.

With CWP, a website can be developed or modified to securely publish all or a portion of your data, to just a few remote users or the entire web. The Custom Web Publishing team at FMDBSolutions has vast experience in Integrating FileMaker API with:

        • PHP
        • JavaScript
        • HTML 5, AJAX, CSS 3
        • MySQL

As technology advances and programming changes to accommodate the technological needs of the world, the FMDBSolutions team constantly evaluates the latest trends. The team improves themselves to provide customers with the best possible development solutions. The custom FileMaker app experts use structured framework programming, latest programming practices, coding guidelines, and standards. Using a variety of software services, the team listen to your business challenges and then develop tailored solutions to remove bottlenecks and improve productivity.

Do You Know Your FileMaker System’s Capability?

Most business users don’t consider functionality beyond the platforms core offerings, but the potential is limitless. FileMaker can be expanded to arrive at solutions beyond their traditional abilities with custom web features. These features take advantage of mobile-friendly techniques like responsive design and can incorporate the most current JavaScript and CSS capabilities of the modern web.

        • Custom Web Publishing helps us to extend an FM database to the web.
        • Custom Web Publishing does not require FileMaker to be installed on your machine.
        • The FileMaker database can be hosted on a server using conventional web technologies.

FileMaker Server provides the following Custom Web Publishing technologies:

a. Custom Web Publishing With XML

Use XML data publishing to exchange FileMaker data with other websites and applications. By using HTTP URL requests with FileMaker query commands and parameters, you can query a database hosted by FileMaker Server, download the resulting data in XML format and use the resulting XML data in whatever way you want.

b. Custom Web Publishing With PHP

Use the FileMaker API for PHP, which provides an object-oriented PHP interface to FileMaker Pro databases, to integrate your FileMaker data into a PHP web application. As you are building the PHP web pages yourself, you have complete control over the user interface and how the user interacts with the data.

Whether you have a FileMaker system that already serves a central purpose in your organization, or is interested in building a FileMaker-to-Web solution from the ground up, FMDBSolutions has the expertise to develop systems in either of these platforms. Take a look at our CWP profile.

Need Help With FileMaker on the Web?

FMDBSolutions is a problem-solver and a solution provider for companies that need support with their FileMaker systems, software, and processes. We have offered our FileMaker services to clients from the world over – the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States of America. Companies from London, New York, and Ontario have all requested our assistance and we have consistently delivered high-quality results every time. Look at our FileMaker Portfolio and see for yourself. Also, our Sales, Marketing, and Project Management Office is located in the US.

It’s time to unleash the power of FileMaker WebDirect to get your FileMaker on the Web. Whatever issue you have related to FileMaker, we are the people for the job. Our team of experts has dived deep into FileMaker. Having utilized with it for a long time, we understand FileMaker’s inner workings. Contact us and we can get your project started in no time and leave you with a smile on your face at the end of it all. Click on the yellow box below for a free consultation in FileMaker.

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