FMDBSolutions is one of the largest custom FileMaker solutions development companies in India. Our full expanded name is ‘FileMaker DataBase Solutions’. We are staffed with a giant team of 60+ expert developers with a vast amount of knowledge in FileMaker.

Our founders have worked for over 30 years in this industry and we have more than 10 years of market experience and industry know-how. We are also a proud member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA).

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We are an FBA partner and you can find us on the official website under ‘India’. FMDBSolutions is one of only four (4) FileMaker Business Alliance members in India. 

Whom Do We Serve?

FMDBSolutions has worked with and continues to work with organizations in small and large companies, private and public, education, government, and non-profits. We have served clients all over the world. You can browse our diverse FileMaker Portfolio and see for yourself, and here are some more details.

Sectors – Finance, Construction, Media & Broadcasting, Fashion, Technology, Design, Construction, Travel, Retail, Art, Manufacturing, Legal, Education, Recreation, Health, Environment, Medicine, and other services. 

Locations – The United States of America, Switzerland, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil, Thailand, and India. Cities include Massachusetts, Sydney, Washington, New Orleans, London, New York, Bangkok, Arizona, New South Wales, Geneva, Utah, Middlesbrough, and Los Angeles.

Over 100 clients have chosen to do business with us on their FileMaker projects, and we have delivered every single time.

“These guys are FileMaker experts. They really know their stuff.” ~ Shazad Din, Boro Blinds (England)

What Do We Value?

  • We care and we deliver. It’s in our soul. 
  • Passion for the solutions that we deliver. 
  • Desire and hunger to be the best in our field.
  • More importantly, we want to help our customers and enjoy solving their problems.

These are the values that define the FMDBSolutions team and company. We will always stick to our values no matter what.

What Is Our Specialty?

FMDBSolutions is full of people who are experts in the FileMaker® field, from A-Z. We can assist you with the design, development, implementation, and support of customized FileMaker® solutions. Our solutions typically coordinate with internal and external websites by connecting to FileMaker®.

We offer a rich variety and blend of many different FileMaker® solutions. Our services for FileMaker® comprise :

Where Is Our Focus?

FMDBSolutions concentrates on the efficient use of data technology at both the work group and enterprise levels with systems that are designed to keep growing with your business.

Why FMDBSolutions?

Our team can refine the options, based on your goals and budget, saving you time and money. From offering encouragement to see you through or gentle redirection, or doing the actual heavy lifting, the software solution consultants in our company draw on years of experience to help solve your problems quickly and efficiently. Whether providing high-level strategic counsel or offering suggestions for tweaks, you will receive timely support from our industry experts.

One of our senior consultants will work with you to determine your project’s objectives, define requirements, and design a solution uniquely tailored to meet your needs. The deliverables for this phase include the blueprint of the solution to be built and an estimate of the time and costs required to complete your project.

How Are We Different?

FMDBSolutions understands that sometimes you just need an ear to bend or a helping hand with your FileMaker project. If you’re looking for consulting, we got it. We have delivered FileMaker Projects in so many diverse business applications across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. Your search for FileMaker services ends here, as we are the one-stop shop.

Whether you need a new website or need to extend your existing FileMaker solution to the web through Web Direct or Cloud, we can help. 

While there are plenty of cool tools to give you a jump-start, sometimes they can be quirky or downright obstinate. Maybe your best option is a custom web solution. We can discuss and start with your short-term goals. We are confident in our abilities and offer Free FileMaker Tips and Tricks that you can download to help improve your operations. 

Let us perform your next project and remove a burden off of your chest. We are sure we can get it done in the proper manner. Contact us for FileMaker assistance. Or, click the box below to avail a free consultation. 

Toll-Free #: 1-877-337-5338
Head Office #: 044-45548592 / 43550926
Mobile: +91-9677031188
Email: info(at)