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FileMaker Go Development

A good FileMaker Go development team can help you reap the rewards of the app. 

In today’s world, a ‘mobile’ is not just a means of communication. Now, a mobile phone is not only a mere phone but much more. With an ever-growing need to access business applications via smartphones, different applications compatible with mobile phones and tablets have emerged.

FileMaker is no different, having come up with an application called ‘FileMaker Go‘ which can be installed on an iPad or iPhone.

The custom app experts from FMDBSolutions can help simplify your FileMaker Go experience. As one of the leading FileMaker development firms in India, we have extensive hands-on experience in building custom apps. We have helped several clients with developing mobile business applications with FileMaker technology.

Let’s talk some more about FileMaker Go and FileMaker Go development.

FileMaker Go for iPhone & iPad

FileMaker Go (also called ‘FM GO’ for short) is available at the iOS App Store and the latest version (currently FileMaker Go 17 released on May 15th, 2018) can be downloaded for free on  iOS devices. FileMaker Go is a free application that allows you to view your FileMaker Pro information on iPad and iPhone.

You can be connected to your data from anywhere on the go. Users of FM GO can access the FileMaker applications hosted on a server or offline database available in handheld devices. The app has paved the way for endless possibilities with regards to FileMaker.

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Looking for top-class FileMaker Go services?

FileMaker Go Development

The FileMaker Go app lets you manage FileMaker without needing to be on a computer. A good FileMaker Go development team can help you maximize its efficiency. 

FileMaker Go allows you to connect to your FileMaker solutions on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, to access your important information from anywhere. When you’re out of cell or Wi-Fi range, you can copy your FileMaker solutions directly to your device and carry your data with you. 

The FileMaker platform provides you with you the tools for creating custom apps for all business users that meet the unique needs of your business. Using FileMaker Pro, you can create apps and then run them on the iPad and iPhone via FileMaker Go.

For single-user databases stored on your device, the app is all that is required to use a FileMaker solution. For multi-user databases, you’ll need to host the file on FileMaker Server and purchase concurrent user licenses as necessary. Keep in mind that you don’t need to purchase a concurrent user license for every individual user. You will only need however many licenses as you have users accessing the database at the same time.

How Can FMDBSolutions Help You With FileMaker Go Development?

FMDBSolutions and our team of experts can help you unlock all these features in FM GO:

FileMaker Go development use

FileMaker Go Development for the Real World 

A FileMaker Go Development team can deploy the app for real-world applications. Here are some practical ways our team can help someone like you can use the app and benefit:

  • Register guests at trade shows or reunions on the go.
  • Provide electronic forms for inspectors in the field to manage project information, such as completed tasks and timesheets, remotely from a worksite.
  • Allow retailers to check the remaining warehouse inventory so they know when to reorder.
  • Let accountants and salespeople create an invoice at the time of the client visit.
  • Give teachers a friendly evaluation tool that fits in the classroom environment for recording the student information and update the details on the go.

Those are a few examples that show how this app can increase your productivity and save you a lot of time. Plus, a special FileMaker Go development team can customize the app as you want and configure it to your needs. This is where the FMDBSolutions team comes in.

FileMaker Go Development from FMDBSolutions

FMDBSolutions consists of a group of custom FileMaker app experts who know all about FM GO on both iPad and iPhone. We are a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) Partner and have worked with over 100 clients and thousands of challenging FileMaker projects for 10+ years running.

We at FMDBSolutions have delivered several solutions to many projects, both online and offline. Our client sectors range from manufacturing and retail to education and IT. Plus, our Sales, Marketing, and Project Management Office is in the US. We have performed work in FileMaker for companies in the UK and US cities. They include Boston, Chicago, Middlesbrough, Los Angeles, London, and New York. 

In fact, you can view our FM Go solution for a leading construction company in Singapore. Also, check out our whole FileMaker Portfolio for related work. Whether it’s only FileMaker Go, a combination of Go and FileMaker Pro, or anything else related to FileMaker, FMDBSolutions has what it takes to finish the job.

The expert team of FileMaker specialists and pundits at FMDBSolutions possess the talent, skills, and work ethic necessary for delivering the perfect solution. We are great at custom FileMaker app development and can help personalize your FileMaker Go app. FMDBSolutions will give your FM GO app or project a personal touch that can help elevate your company to another level.

Call us right away for more information on FileMaker and to avail our services. We have simple solutions to complex problems and know anything and everything about this software. Also, click below for a free FileMaker consultation.

FileMaker Go Development

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