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Horse Sales Management Designed By FMDBSolutions

Client: The client was a company based in Australia which is leading thoroughbred operations around the world.


This application was developed in order to manage details regarding horses for a leading horse sales service company in Australia.

Project Description

The client wanted a database to be built for them. This database would be used to collect and store information on every horse that the customer evaluates, whether it be at public auction or privately. The objective of the database is to continually maintain all the information related to these horses.

The information for the database will either be entered manually or from a CSV file that would be imported into the system. The client wanted the database to be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible from different devices, and to be capable of syncing data from different users into a central database that is searchable.

Technical Highlights

Integration with other systems: NIL

Team Size: 1 TL + 2 TM

Environment: iPad

Development Platform: FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.

Deployment Platform: FileMaker Server 16. 

Number of Users: 4 (Up to 1 concurrent user)

Skills Used: