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Event Tracker from FMDBSolutions

Our team of FileMaker experts had to create an app to manage all the aspects of an event including documents, transactions, personnel, and other details.

Client – The client is a Minority council which coordinates Law firms with Corporate companies and is based in California, USA.


This project is for a non-profit mutual benefit corporation to manage their legal profession and company transactions.

Project Description:

Dashboard – To view the basic information of this App.

Organization – This module is used to manage their Organization details.

People – This is used to Manage their people information.

Groups – This module is used to create a new group of people and organizations.

Programs – This is to manage their event details.

Annual Conference – They can manage their annual business conferences in this module.

Communication – This module is used to send emails to their Organizations and peoples.

Documents – This is for storing all their documents across the App.

Transactions – This module is to manage all their transactions. The transactions are sent to QBO.

Settings – This module is to manage list of users and user access.

Technical Highlights:

Integration with other systems:

1. QuickBooks Online

2. Mailchimp.

3. CMCP lawyer locator.

4. Stripe Payment

Plugins and Special features:

1.Dynamic user access.

Team Size – 1 TL + 2 TM

Environment – Windows and Mac OS

Development Platform – FileMaker 16

Deployment Platform– FileMaker 16 Server

# of Users:

a. FileMaker Pro – 35

Skills Used:
FileMaker 18
QuickBooks API
Mailchimp API