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Timecards & Staff Management System from FMDBSolutions


The client is a media production company based in New York, USA

Timeline (Duration):

From December 2014 To Ongoing


This project is for a TV Show Production company based in New York. This system is a mini ERP which connects Staff to Payroll.

Project Description:

The system we built has the following components:

  1. Staff Management – Manages all staff contact information, Staff Onboarding, Hourly Rates, and Time Sheets.
  2. Timecards Management – This is a weekly timecard with day to day working details of an employee. Each timecard will be approved/rejected by the approver who is assigned based on the staff’s Job Title.
  3. Payroll Processing – Based on the Timecards and with the Rate and job classification each staff’s salary will be calculated every fortnight and will be processed for payroll.
  4. Asset management – Manages all Asset information with usage, service history.
  5. Floor plan – A 3D drawing of the company. In this, we can view where the desk is located and who is allocated to that desk.

Technical Highlights

Integration with other systems: 


Plugins and Special features:
  1. 3D floor map with dynamic data populated from the database.
  2. 2 Server deployment of FM server – This is a deployment where we have involved 2 different servers. (one will be acting as a database server and the other will be acting as a Web Server) Both these servers are interconnected on a single network.
  3. Server-side Scheduled scripts for generating timecards every week, sending reminder notifications on timecard submission/ waiting for approval and pending On-boarding information

Team Size:

1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester


1. Desktop

2. WebDirect

Development Platform:

FileMaker Server 14.

Deployment Platform:

FM Server 14 – MacPro (Yosemite) – 2 x 2.66 Ghz 6-core Intel Xeon. 40 GB RAM, with RAID Device.

# of Users :

a. Desktop – 100 (Upto 30 concurrent users)

b. WebDirect – 400 (Upto 70 concurrent users)

Skills Used: