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Swimming Pool Management System

FMDBSolutions Swimming Pool Management System


The client is a Swimming Pool and Spa servicing company based in Arizona, USA


This project is for a Swimming pool and Spa Care Company based in Arizona, US. This system manages customer and service information.

Project Description:

1. Customer Management – Manages all customer along with their multiple sites (Swimming Pool) information
2. Technician Management – Manages Technician information
3. Service Management – Each site can undergo the following types of service.
     a. Daily Service

     b. Filter Service

     c. Repair Service

4. All services will be created by the technician on a day-to-day basis.
5. Staff payroll is generated depending on the number of services done by the technician.
6. Material Management – Materials consumed for the swimming pool are tracked by their usage in swimming pools.
7. Customers can view their service description by logging into the site (CWP) using their email id.

Technical Highlights:

Integration with other systems:

Custom Web Publishing

Plugins and Special features:

1. Archiving Process
2. Offline Sync
3. Google Map integration

Team Size: 1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester


1. Desktop

2. iPhone

Development Platform: FileMaker Server 14.

Deployment Platform: FM Server 14 – FMPHost

# of Users:

a. Desktop – 20 (Up to 5 concurrent users)
b. iPhone – 5
c. Web – 10 (Up to 3 concurrent users)


Skills Used: