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Shopify Integration with FileMaker

Shopify Integration with FileMaker


We have created this integration functionality for an US based company which is specialist in Chick Boutique Crafting & Selling unique hats & Scarves made from recycled fabrics to manage their Shopify website using FileMaker.  

Project Description 

The client has started their store with a FileMaker application which helps to manage their inventory. However, when the business get grown they have used Shopify to manage their online orders. In that time, they have faced issues in the inventory tracking process, as because of the inventory get affected by both FileMaker and Shopify but they are not integrated.

To avoid the above mentioned issue, we have created an one way Integration (Data move from FileMaker to Shopify only) between FileMaker and Shopify using Shopify API and FileMaker cURL functions.

Functionality implemented in FileMaker to enable Shopify Integration

  1. Created a facility to configure Shopify account and API keys in FileMaker.
  2. As because of the database structure of FileMaker and Shopify are different ,we have created a separate module, to configure how the FileMaker Products should display in Shopify.
  3. Created an automatic integration functionality that will repeat for a configured period.
  4. In the Product module, provided a facility to include or exclude a product in the integration process.
  5. User can turn on and off the automatic integration process
  6. During the integration process , products will create or update from FileMaker to Shopify with all the product details including Product images and Variants.

Team Size

Team consists of One Team Leader, One Developer and One Tester



Development Platform

The system was developed on FileMaker Pro Advanced 16


Integrated with Shopify using Shopify API

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