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Discussion Manager

Discussion Manager


We have created this application as a beta version for the companies who initiate their business most depend on their oral communication with customer , for example, Catering Services, Interior decorators, ..etc.

Project Description 

Based on our analysis, we found many of the companies who offering services to their customers based on their oral communication are facing issues such as the customer saying in the latter days as  ‚“This is not we required“, “This is not explained to us in our earlier discussion“,  “This is not the budget that we accepted“ … ,etc

To avoid the above mentioned issues, we have created an iPad application, that will help to the staff who do the discussion with the customer, to showcase their services, capture notes during discussions in a detailed manner and to get confirmation from the customer as what the staff noted down regarding their discussion are approved by himself with signature.

Process Flow

  1. Capture customer contact details
  2. Capture project details of a customer
  3. Start a discussion regarding any one of a project of the selected customer.
  4. During the discussion provided the option to showcase the product/service catalogue
  5. Application has the facility to configure various types of topics such as ‚“Requirement Overview“, ‚“Budget“ , “Schedule“..etc and during the discussion the staff can select the appropriate  Topics and can enter multiple notes for each Topic based on their discussion
  6. After completed the discussion , the application will display the discussion summery with all the topics that they have discussed with the Staff’s Notes for each topic.
  7. Customer can verify and approve the discussion summery by do the signature.
  8. Discussion Summery report will send to customer via email and stored in the application also for future reference
  9. The Staff will open the Voice Memo app manually in their iPad and start a recording before start each Discussion in our application. Our application storing time details for each topic discussed. For example, It will store as Budget Topic related discussion started after 30 minutes of the discussion.Therefore, it will help the staff, as he no need to run the entire recording in future and just start to hear after 30 minutes in the recording to hear about the budget details.

Team Size

Team consists of One Team Leader, One Developer and One Tester



Development Platform

The system was developed on FileMaker Pro Advanced 16

Deployment Platform

FileMaker Server 16.

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