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Sauna Management System

Overview: This project is for a Specialising in custom built finish sauna company based in Canada.

Project Description:

Customers – This module is used to manage their customer’s details.

Inventory – This is used to Manage their inventory information.

Invoice – This is module is used to manage their invoices.

Suppliers – This is to manage their supplier’s details.

Purchase Order They can manage their purchase Orders in this module.

Maintenance This module is used to maintain their user access, Labour types and tax details.

Others   In this module they will manage all the Manufacturing details of Wood, Glass, and sauna’s.

Photo Bank This module is to manage all their photos related to customer, Inventories and employees.

Employees This module is used to manage the list of their employees.

Attendance – In this module they will capture the employee’s login and logout time.

Calendar – Schedule job for their employee and view it in calendar.

Shipping List – This will capture the shipping history of their products.

Technical Highlights:

Integration with other systems:

1. Barcode scanner – They scan the product to view the inventory details. 

2. WordPress Integration – Integrated The database with the customer’s WordPress site.

Plugins and Special features:

1. Dynamic user access.

Team Size – 1 TL + 2 TM

Environment – Windows and Mac OS

Development Platform FileMaker 17

Deployment Platform- FileMaker 17 Server

# of Users:

a. FileMaker Pro – 15

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Skills Used: