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Purpose and Vision Mission


The client is a Christian Charity based on U.S. who is doing door-knocking campaigns, gospel meetings, youth programs and various specially-themed programs for destitute children in India.


This project is used to maintain details of destitute Child and Staffs who are all working with the Charity to manage the Boys and Girls institutes.

Project Description:

1. As because of the charity ran the institue for the Boys and Girls separately. We have created two separated iPad application for each institute to manage the following details for each destitute child,

  1. Bio data of the children
  2. Guardian contact details
  3. Medical History of the child
  4. Institute Special Notes for each child

2. Created an Admin application to manage the following data for the Staffs who are all working with the Charity to manage the Boys and Girls institutes,

  1. Bio data of the Staff
  2. User Management System – It helps to the admin to create user credentials for each staff and also provide the option to restrict which staff can access which Instution data.
  3. Staff will login to the applications which are allowed to them and manage the children data to improve their services and Campaign systems.

Technical Highlights:

Integration with other systems:

Team Size: 1

Environment: Desktop and iPad.

Development Platform: FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.

Deployment Platform: FileMaker Server 12.

# of Users: Multi users


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