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Security Management System

Client– An IT servicing company based in US.

Timeline (Duration): From June 2014 To July 2014

Overview: This project is to have a count of the average risk percent of the applications. They have application with their security questions and risk factors.

Project Description:

  1. Application Info – Manages to capture the application info and adding their attachments.

  2. Security Factors – Each application has their own security questions separately.

  3. Risk analysis – Each application risk factors are entered accordingly to show their risk analysis.

  4. Bundle factors – Each application has many own bundle factors.

  5. Bundle – Each bundle has their own services – database, middle ware, networks, security, storage, virtualisation, migration, system configuration.

Technical Highlights:

Integration with other systems:


Plugins and Special features:

Storage of the document in the Drive rather than in the DB (External Storage).

Team Size – 1 TL + 1 TM + 1 Tester

Environment – Desktop

Development Platform – FileMaker Pro Advanced 13

Deployment Platform– Offline DB

# of Users:

Single User – Offline DB



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Skills Used: