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Plant Inspection Sheet

FileMaker Plant Inspection Sheet by FMDBSolutions


The client is leading Hunter Valley based company which provides a wide range of services and products to the coal mining industry.


This application helps them to manage their equipment defects and scan process using RFID Scanners.

Project Description 

The Project to customize the LogiPlant program to be utilized by Liddell Coal Preparation Plant (LCPP).

LogiPlant is a program developed by LMS for Personnel for electronically capturing plant inspections and defects using a Touch Tablets (typically iPad) and RFID scanners which are used to scan RFID tags on equipment in the field.

LogiPlant is designed to allow users to record data and defect details as well as capture images for defect reporting purposes in the field, then email these reports.

This project contains of two database named Plant Inspection Sheet (PIS) and Plant Inspection Sheet Client (PISC).

Main database (PIS) is hosted in server. Client database (PISC) is given to the multiple clients. So, client inspects the equipment and stores the defects and uploads it in main database.

CWP work Description

Send mail with multiple attachment process is done by cwp team.

Technical Highlights

Integration With Other Systems


Plugins & Special Features


Team Size

Team consists of one team leader, one technical manager, and one tester.

[1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester]


Desktop, iPad and iPhone Devices.

Development Platform

The system was developed on FileMaker Pro Advanced 15, FileMaker Go 15.

Deployment Platform

FileMaker Server 15.

# Of Users

10 to 15 Users.


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