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Document Management System by FMDBSolutions


A book research company based in Australia.

Timeline (Duration)

From May 2014 To July 2014


This project is to find and display the document scope and information. This system is to show a terms and definition of the document.

Project Description:

  1. Document Management – Manages all document information, its terms and definitions, scope ,introduction and it comparison.
  2. Document Comparison – This is to compare a document with the other documents.
  3. Terms and Definition – Many terms and definition can be added to a document.
  4. Terms History – Each terms and definition has their own history of records with their usage literature and media.

Technical Highlights

Integration with other systemsNIL

Plugins and Special features:

Storage of the document in an external Drive rather than in the DB.

Team Size: 1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester


Development Platform: FileMaker 13 Pro Advanced.

Deployment Platform: Offline DB.

# of Users: Offline DB

Skills Used: