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Patient Management System

FileMaker Patient Management System by FMDBSolutions


The client is a leading dentist based on Malaysia.


This project is created for a leading Dental Hospital based on Malaysia. This system helps to manage a group of hospitals working under a headquarter. Using this application, we can manage Patients, Doctors, Staffs, Appointments, Treatment History, Product Inventory and Invoices for each Hospital including Patient Queue Management.

Project Description 

  1. Patient Module: This helps to manage the following information related to each Patient.
    a. Personal, Contact and Treatment request details.
    b. Appointments.
    c. Latest dental chart.
    d. X-Rays.
    e. Consent Form.
    f. Medical History.
    g. Invoices.
    h. Material Issued.
    i. Manual Receipts.
    j. Treatments taken.
    k. Payments done for the Invoices.
    l. Various Types Attachments.
  2. Doctor Module: This helps to manage the following information related to each Doctor.
    a. Personnel, Contact and Clinics on which he/she is working.
    b. Appointments.
    c. Patient details who are taken care by the Doctor.
  3. Appointment Module: This Module going to used by the Clinic Staffs.
    a. When a patient requests Doctor’s appointment for a particular Treatment the staffs can create/view/edit/delete appointment using this module.
    b. Appoints can be viewed in Day, week and Monthly views.
    c. Doctors and Appointment status will be highlighted in meaning full colors.
  4. Inventory Module: This Module helps to manage the Product Stock, Price details, including purchase order to Supplier and Transaction between clinics.
  5. Invoice Module: This Module helps to manage the Patient’s Invoices that are created for their usage of products and Treatment services, including Payment transactions.
  6. Admin Module: This Module helps to manage the user privilege settings and have full access on all data management process for this application.
  7. Patient Queue Management Module: This module will help the staffs who are working in front of the clinic to manage Patient Queue. It will help to manage the following functionality.
    a. Verify or create Patient’s appointments.
    b. Add/Remove patients in a Queue.
    c. Calculating each patients waiting time and Treatment time.
  8. iPad Application: This application created for the Doctors only to manage view their appointments and manage the Patients treatment history including drawing/marking current issues on the patients dental chart.

Technical Highlights

Integration With Other Systems


Plugins & Special Features


Team Size

Team consists of one team leader, one technical manager, and one tester.

[1 TL + 1 TM + 1 Tester]


Desktop, iPad and Web Browsers.

Development Platform

The system was developed on FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.

Deployment Platform

FileMaker Server 13.

# Of Users

10 to 15 Users.


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