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FileMaker Materials Management System

FileMaker Materials Management System from FMDBSolutions

Here are the project details for a materials management system which we successfully created for one of our clients.


The client is a leading financial consulting organization in New York, USA


This project was for a large investment management company based in New York. They wanted the software to act as a miniaturized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that stores their investment documents and brochures. Our team of custom FileMaker app experts was up for the challenge.

Project Requirements

Following are the three deliverables the client expects from the mini ERP system:

  1. Sales Collateral

  1. Automated Emails

  1. Dynamic Filters

Technical Highlights

Integration With Other Systems

The project is integrated with MySQL database.

Plugins & Special Features

The special features and plugins of the mini ERP were:

1.Filter trigger in URL

2. Mail integration

Team Size

The team contained one team leader, one technical manager, and one tester.

[1 TL + 1 TM + 1 Tester]


We actually performed this project on three different platforms:

  1. Desktop

  1. iPad

  1. iPhone

Development Platform

FileMaker 12 is the development platform for this mini ERP.

Deployment Platform

The deployment platform details are:

FileMaker Server 12 – Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 * (32 Bit) Dual Core CPU RAM:4 GB Hard Drive 80 GB

# Of Users

The number of users differs based on platform:

a. Desktop – 15

b. iPad – 20

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Skills Used:
FileMaker 14
FileMaker Server
Financial Services
Management System