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Inventory Management System Built By FMDBSolutions


The client is a large electronic seller based in Chennai, India.


This project is made for a large electronic seller company based in Chennai, India. The system displays Inventory Management (Purchase and Sales) details.

Project Description

The project has the following three parts:

  1. Purchase – Purchase goods from a manufacturing company.

    • Window – Scans Window type (Indoor) products.

    • Split – Scans Split type (Indoor,Outdoor) Products.

    • Cassette – Scans Cassette type (Indoor, Outdoor, and Grill) Products.

  1. Sales

    • Delivery – Deliver the products as per the Invoice number and Financial year.

    • Delivery Pending – This module is used to maintain delivery-pending products

    • Sales Return – It is used to Maintain returned product details.

    • GDB – Due to manufacturing defect products will be returned to the manufacturing company.

     3. View – Displays the details of the product based on scanned QR Code.

Technical Highlights

Integration with other systems

Integration with MSSQL DB

Plugins and Special features

Import records from web service

Team Size – 1 TL + 1 TM

Environment – iPad

Development Platform FileMaker 14

Deployment Platform- FM Go 14 Standalone Database

# of Users: 15

Skills Used:
FileMaker 14
Web Services Integration
FileMaker Server
Offline Access
FileMaker Development
FileMaker ODBC
FileMaker GO
Retail Sales