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Environmental Services

FileMaker Environmental Services by FMDBSolutions


The client is a large environmental consulting firm working primarily in traditional remediation services based on USA and Canada.


This project is created for a leading Environmental Services company to manage their Project details.

Project Description 

This application helps to manage Storing and Maintaining Project Details. We are maintaining Status (i.e. Initial, Billing, Active, Complete, Closed), Actions (i.e. Initial, Corrective &Conclusion) Invoice, Notes, Document for a Project.

      The Following are the modules Implemented for a project

       1. Clients
       2. RP
       3. Contractors
       4. Regulatory Agency
       5. Waste Facilities
       6. CES Manager
       7. Accounting code
       8. Chemicals
       9. Project Documents

1. Client:
     1.1. Storing & Maintaining Client Details

    1.2. Clients are bifurcated to Corporate and Subsidiary Clients, where under corporate we can add multiple Subsidiary clients

    1.3. Able to assign Clients for Multiple Project. But for project, client can assigned only once
We create notes, Disposal Auth and Contract for client

2. RP:
   2.1. Storing & Maintaining RP (Responsible Party) Details

   2.2. RP can also be consider as a Client

   2.3. Able to assign RP for Multiple Project. But for project, RP can assigned only once
   2.4. We create notes and Disposal Auth for RP

3. Contractor:
    3.1. Storing & Maintaining Contractor Details

    3.2. Contractors are bifurcated to Corporate and Subsidiary Contractors, where under corporate we can add multiple Subsidiary contractors

    3.3. Ability to assign multiple contractors for a project

    3.4. We create reductions/notes, invoices, contract, rate sheet, qualification, W9 and Insurance for Contractor

4. Regulatory Agency:
   4.1. Storing & Maintaining Regulatory Agency Details

   4.2. Ability to assign multiple Regulatory Agency for a project

   4.3. We create notes for Regulatory Agency

5. Waste Facilities:
   5.1. Storing & Maintaining Waste Disposal Details

   5.2. Ability to assign multiple Waste Disposals for a project

6. CES Manager:
   6.1. Storing & Maintaining Incident manager Details

   6.2. Able to assign Employee for Multiple Project. But for project, Employee can assigned only once

   6.3. We Add project hours, other hours and Time off Applied for an Employee

7. Accounting code:
   7.1. Storing & Maintaining Accounting code Details with name

   7.2. Able to assign Code for Multiple Project. But for project, Code can assigned only once

8. Chemicals:
  8.1. Storing & Maintaining Chemical Details

  8.2. Ability to assign multiple chemical for a project, Once chemical suspected to Release for particular project those chemicals are Suspected chemical for a project

9.Project Documents:

  9.1. Storing & Maintaining different type of Documents like Reports, Photos, Disposal documents, Invoice Documents and Client Specific Documents.

  9.2. Ability to view the document in FileMaker itself.

  9.3. Able to select the different type of documents and can generate the combined PDF. ( For Ex, If we generate Final Report then it will create the combined PDF with selected Photos and PDFs).

Technical Highlights

1. All logins and passwords are highly encrypted with FileMaker Security.

2. Data’s are maintain in List view, Detail view.

3. All functionalities of database are perform efficiently.

4. Easy maintenance of database and data.

Integration With Other Systems


Plugins & Special Features


Team Size

Team consists of one team leader, one technical manager, and one tester.

[1 TL + 1 TM + 1 Tester]



Development Platform

The system was developed on FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.

Deployment Platform

FileMaker Server 16.

# Of Users

10 to 15 Users.


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