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Tour Package Management System

FileMaker Tour Package Management System by FMDBSolutions


The client is a leading Travel and Tourism provider in U.S  Alaska.


This Application helps to manage package details for the tour and servicing for the tour.

Project Description 

This project contains 4 databases named as Reservation, Tour calculation, Product and Client Invoice. Customer’s tour trips are stored and handled the accommodation process of the customers.  

  1. In Reservation database, User stores the customer’s reservation information.
  2. In Product database, User can store the tour packages and sessions vice tour package amounts are stored.
  3. In Tour calculation database, User must see the total customer tour details and total cost of accommodation fess are maintained in this database.
  4. In Client Invoice, User can generate an invoice of a customer tour trip.


Technical Highlights

Integration With Other Systems

Plugins & Special Features


Team Size

[1 TL + 1 TM + 1 Tester]



Development Platform

The system was developed on FileMaker Pro Advanced 13

Deployment Platform

FileMaker Server 13.

# Of Users

Multi Users.


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