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Service Order Management System

Service Order Management System for FMDBSolutions 

Client – A construction company based in Melbourne, VIC

Overview: This is for a construction company with mostly short-term projects making up the bulk of their work. They use internal crews and also use sub- contractors to perform the work on their jobs. They allocate jobs to crews of 2-6 men with plant and equipment (both internal and hired equipment) utilized on each job. Once a job is scheduled and then completed, they need to invoice the customer for the work done on the job.

Project Description:

  1. Client Management – Manages all client contact information and related jobs.
  2. Job Management – Each job has a particular equipment list. Staff will be assigned for each job.
  3. Scheduling – Schedule the job date assign or un-assign staff for a particular date.
  4. Equipment – Manages all equipment information with usage, service history.
  5. Invoice – Create the invoice for each job and calculate the inspection rate.

Technical Highlights:

Integration with other systems: NIL

Plugins and Special features:

1. Calendar with Day/ month/week view of events. Naethra Technologies

Team Size: 1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester

1. Desktop

2. iPad

Development Platform: FileMaker Server 12.

Deployment Platform:

FM Server 12 – OS X Mavericks v10.9 – Intel-based Mac with Dual Core. 4 GB RAM.

# of Users :

a. Desktop – 15 (Up to 5 concurrent users)

b. iPad – 20 (Upto 12 concurrent users)

Skills Used: