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Marine Transport Management System


The client is one of the nation’s largest transporters of fertilizer and other products along the inland waterways. They set high standards for their equipment and more importantly, for their crews and shoreside


The client has over 90 vessels. Many of them would report issues on an ad hoc basis and these had to be controlled and managed efficiently. This Information System could integrate the different divisions and present a consolidated view to help manage their day to day operations.

Project Description:

This database is used to generate and manage Work orders for Boat/Barge issues. Engineers can create Maintenance Work Orders for Boats/Barges

Managers can manage Vendor information. They can check work orders and select a set of work orders and its problems to assign to one or more Vendors.

Vendors will receive notifications via text messages and emails as and when they are allowed to bid for problems. Vendors can login to the “PO Requisition Portal” and view all Problems that they are allowed to bid on. Vendor can select one or more problems and if needed, can create additional tasks that can be done along with the selected tasks. They will enter a bid to fix the problems and additional tasks. This is called PO Requisition process.

Admin user can view all PO requisitions and can accept Vendors bids as is or adjust the bids. Vendor receives notifications that their bids have either been adjusted or accepted by the Company. Vendor also has the ability to revise their bids. After both Company and Vendor agree on the bid amounts, vendor can can commence work on the problems.

Vendor can view all documents/images for a problem. Additionally, they can attach their own documents/images for those problems. Vendor can enter the Due date on which they complete a task and also can enter the Completed date after they complete a task. The Vendor raises Invoices once all tasks are completed. The Invoices automatically saved in the database and can be viewed by the client.

Admin user and the Vendor can see the transaction history of each PO Requisition. The client is thus able to manage the problems from when they occurr till they are fixed and invoiced by the vendor.

Technical Highlights:

  1. Custom Web Publishing (CWP) to transmit problem details from engineers and Vendor Management
  2. Twilio Integration to send SMS alerts.
  3. Integration of Digital Persona fingerprint reader  to manage employee clock in and clock out information.
  4. In-app Chat and File Transfer facilities to track employee meetings, notes and file transfer related to a specific work order.

Integration with other systems: PHP, Twilio, .Net

Team Size: 3
Environment: Desktop, iPad
Development Platform: FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.

Deployment Platform: FileMaker Server 16.

# Of Users: 100

Skills Used: