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HR and Payroll management system

Client – One of the largest manpower supply organization located in Dubai,


Timeline (Duration) – From May 2018 To Ongoing

Overview: This application is used to store, manage and track the working hours of the

employees and generate salary for each month based on the working hours of the


Project Description:

1. Company:

Captures the information of multiple companies profile and allows the

users to store information separate for each company.


Capturing Employee basic information such as.




-Working hours

-Skills and Leave information

3.Clients / Projects:

Captures the clients and their projects information. It also helps the user

to configure the Overtime rates and rates for each designation.

4. Facilities:

Capturing the information of the camps and the number of rooms

allotted for the employees.

5. Daily Assignment:

Assign the employees to the new project and change the status on daily

basis. Following status can be assigned

– New Transfer

Used to change the employee from one project to


– Idle with Pay

Assign the employees to idle status without assigning to

any project.

– Idle without pay

Assign the employees to idle status without assigning to

any project and not paying salary for those days.

– Absent

6.WPS Salary report

Salary for each employee will be generated in this module depending on

the month & company selected.

7.User management and icon management

All company users access and their privileges will be configured here.

Technical Highlights:

Integration with other systems:

– PHP pages for online test module

Plugins and Special features:

– Multi-company support

– Assignment module

Team Size: 1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester


1. Desktop

Development Platform: FileMaker Pro advanced 17.

# of Users: Desktop – 30

Skills Used: