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Crating Management System Created by FMDBSolutions

Client – Art Crating and Transport company based in NY, US

Overview: This project was done for an Art crating company in the US. This system manages the clients to Invoices information.

Project Description:
a. Contact Information:
Captures the contact details.
b. Jobs:
Captures the job details and crates for each job.
Captures the cut-sheet values for each crate.
Allows the user to add the documents and materials for each cut-sheet.
c. Estimate:
The system automatically creates an estimate when the job is in Estimate Status.
Allows the user to estimate the crate before the invoice.

d. Waybills:
Captures the information of trucks in which the crates are shipped.
e. Invoice:
Captures the information of invoice for each job. 
f. Storage:
Captures the information of the crates which is stored in the shed.

Technical Highlights

Integration with other systems:

1.Integration with Starbulider

Plugins and Special features:

1. Data separation model

Team Size – 1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester


  1. Desktop

Development Platform – FileMaker Server 15

Deployment Platform:

FM Server 15Mac Server

# of Users:

  1. Desktop – 20

Skills Used:
FileMaker 16
Pre-Printed forms Print
FileMaker Development
Crating Management System
Art Gallery
Photo Management