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Cargo Discharge Management System

FileMaker Cargo Discharge Management System


The client is a privately owned and operated marine surveying company in Donaldsonville, LA .


This project is created for a leading marine surveying company to manage the entire Cargo discharging process, starting from Stowage Plan to Report generation.

Project Description 

In previous, the client managed the entire discharge process with hand written statements and generated the reports using spreadsheets. It made them to spend more time on collecting actual discharge details from the discharge ports and also the employees need to do lot of work to create various types of reports manually.

To avoid the above mentioned issues, we have created an iPad application, in which the employees can capture the entire discharge process and a server side application in which the management level user can generate various reports with the data captured using the iPad application.It helps the client to manage the data collection work and report generation processes in faster manner without more manual work.

Process Flow

  1. In the Live server side application the management level users can create a Stowage Plan. It will help them to capture the vessel involved in the discharge process, how many Holds that vessel having,What are all the Products available on each Hold, Discharge Ports going to be involved on this discharge process and Starting weight for each product on each hold and discharge port.
  2. We have created the facility to view the entire stowage plan graphically.
  3. Management level user can setup the entire discharge plan with the details of , when a product planned to discharge from a Hold and how much metric tons planned to discharge for a day. The application will automatically display the expected date and time to complete the discharge process.
  4. The field managers will capture the actual discharge data using our offline iPad application in a detailed manner. They can capture, which product is discharged ,from where to where it discharged, start and finished time for the discharge process and how much it get discharged.
  5. In addition, our application provided the facility to capture the data as much as possible by displaying different layouts for different discharge modes. For example, If the discharge is done via Trucks then the application provide the options to capture Truck Plate Number , Driver License etc. If it is done in a Bagged mode then we can capture Kgs for each bag.
  6. Field Managers can capture Time Log details to analyse the activities happened on a particular period. For example, they can capture when the discharge process commenced, when it was paused and the reason,, etc. It will help the management level users to know the current status of the discharge process and helps them to predict the possible ETA to complete the discharge process.
  7. Field managers will upload the discharge data from their iPad to Live server side application, whenever they have proper internet connectivity.
  8. Management level users can create various types of reports in PDF format with the help of the Plan Vs Actual discharge process related data and Time Log details.

Team Size

Team consists of one team leader, one technical manager, Two developers and one tester


Desktop and iPads

Development Platform

The system was developed on FileMaker Pro Advanced 16

Deployment Platform

FileMaker Server 16.

# Of Users

10 to 15 Users.


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